About Us
The Coffee Bureau of Competitive Intelligence is a program that seeks to analyze recent information and report it to the coffee professionals around the globe. Information has become crucial to the competitiveness of any economic activity, including the actions and decisions of both local and global coffee enterprises. Thus, we seek to gather, analyze and distribute data and information that allow stakeholders of the agro-industrial coffee chain to plan and make better decisions.

Our work began in 2010 with financial support from FAPEMIG. The project mentor is professor Luiz Gonzaga de Castro Junior, Ph.D. in Applied Economics and researcher in the coffee market since 2002. The activities are carried out at the Center for Market Intelligence (CIM), based at the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA). The CIM has established itself as an organization specialized in services and research for agribusiness stakeholders. The agreement with FAPEMIG ended in 2012, which could have paralyzed the activities of the program. However, with the support of the Coffee Excellence Hub, UFLA, and the researchers involved, activities continued. Also in 2012, the Bureau published reports on the Third Wave of coffee consumption and innovations in the capsule industry. This work was very well received by the sector and consolidated the Bureau as a source of relevant information and analysis. In October of that year the first International Report on Coffee Trends was published, a publication that serves as a reference for the entire coffee supply chain. The latest reports have reached 10,000+ monthly downloads on the Bureau's website (icafebr.com.br).

Currently, the Bureau integrates with the Coffee Innovation Agency (InovaCafé), an organization managed by UFLA, which seeks to integrate the knowledge of the different areas related to coffee and create solutions and innovations for the overall sector. In the sixth year of operation, the program is currently supported by Embrapa and the Coffee Excellence Hub.